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Our History

Amargarh is located in Amarpur Block of Dindori district. Amargarh is known as Ramgarh at present. It was one of the 52 Garha of Emperor Sangram Shah. This Garha was a part of Garha Mandla state till the reign of King Nijamshah. In the reign of King Nijamshah, Mohansingh Lodhi and Mukatman Lodhi from Garha came to Mandla. Mandla was the capital of the King Nijamshah those days. Mohansingh and Mukatman, both were very brave young men. Therefore, both young men got a chance to provide their services in the capital of Mandla state. They received an order to hunt a man-eater tiger in the forest of Biddi near Ramnagar. Mukatman was killed by the wounded tiger during the hunt. Mohansingh killed the tiger anyway. Gajisingh, the son of Mohansingh was crowned later as the King of Ramgarh by the Ruler Nijamshah.

Lakshman Singh, the son of Gajisingh was posted as ‘Durgrakshak’ at Mandla fort during the Maratha reign. Vikramjeet, son of Lakshman Singh was the King of Ramgarh during the British governance. His wife’s name was Avanti Bai.

King Vikramjeet suddenly got mentally ill. Hence, Queen Avanti Bai interacted with the British government to take up the affairs of the state. But, the British government did not give any chance to the Queen. It had become necessary for the Queen to revolt against the British government and for the safety of Ramgarh state. Queen Avanti Bai sacrificed her life while fighting against the Britishers. The graveyard of the Queen Avanti Bai Lodhi is located in Balpur near the Shahpur village of Dindori district.