Welcome To Dhamoni Garha

History of Dhamoni Fort

Dhamoni Fort was one of the 52th Garhas of the Emperor Sangram Shah. It remained the part of the Garha Mandla Kingdom during the reign of the King Narendra Shah. Pahadsingh, son of Harisingh of this dynasty revolted and tried seizing the throne. In this situation, Narendra Shah had to offer 5 Garhas to Emperor Aurangzeb of Delhi in order to get the Accreditation Letter. Dhamoni Fort was one of those 5 Garhas. King Chhatrasal Bundela of Orchha fought the Mughals and seized Dhamoni.

There is a huge fort situated in the east of the Dhamoni Village which is almost 1 Kilometer far. The fort campus is so large and the site is eye-catching. The fort campus is spread in nearly 1 Square Kilometer. There are some beautiful buildings built inside the fort campus which are turning to ruins. An old and large Muslim Cemetery is also situated in front of the North gate of this fort. Engraved stones were used to build these graveyards.

How to Reach Dhamoni Fort

Dhamoni Village is located in Banda Tahsil of Sagar/Saugar District. This village is situated in the East direction from the District Headquarter. After traveling approximately 39 Kilometers on the Saugar to Banda road, a road divides from Behrol Village which leads to Dhamoni Village. Dhamoni Village is about 14 Kilometer far from Behrol Village.

Another way to reach Dhamoni Village is Saugar- Malthon Road (state highway 44). A road diverts from Barodiya Village which is located near the State Highway 44 and about 48 Kilometers from Saugar City. Dhamoni village is 18 Kilometer far from Barodiya Village.