History of Gondwana Kingdom

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The history of the Gondwana Kingdom of mid-India is too old. This empire was founded in the second century. Many brave kings and queens emerged in this kingdom which is known in the history of India. the states of mid-India were quiet and prosperous during the reign. Citizens and merchants were not taxed unnecessarily. The women had vital partnership along with the men in war and make for a living. These were all the factors for easy life to survive all class citizens. There were ina dependent states of Gond kings from different clans. The reign of the King Yadavrai dynasty remained for the very long period.

The Lanji tahsil is located in Balaghat district of Madhyapradesh. Around 1800 years ago, a king used to rule here. The range of the Lanjigarh state was extended up to Garha(Jabalpur district) in the North. A mighty warrior from South India came to Lanjigarh. Yadavrai was the name of this mighty warrior. Yadavrai started serving in Lanjigarh state. He was deployed at Garha area. Yadavrai was mighty and skilled in political affairs. The king was very much impressed by the ability and heroism of Yadavrai. The king decided to marry his daughter with Yadavrai. Yadavrai got married to the princess. The king of Lanjigarh gifted the Garha area to Yadavrai after the marriage. Yadavrai had become a King now. They made capital to Garha and started their reign. And this is how the Garha kingdom and the dynasty of King Yadavrai Maravi/Madavi started.

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