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Sangram Sagar is visible from the top of Madan Mahal of Garha and situated in South. Sangram Sagar lake was built by the King Maharaja Sangram Shah. This huge pond is surrounded by rocky hills from three sides. This pond is filled with water whole year. The Sangram Sagar pond is filled with Lotus flowers and the birds of many species are seen here.

The center of Tantric practice, the Bajnamath temple is located nearby the Sangram Sagar lake. This is a temple of lord Kaalbhairava. The practitioner from long distances used to come for Tantric practice. King Sangram Shah used to perform Tantric practice in this temple too. An Aghori Tantric came once for performing Tantric practice in Bajnamath. When the Tantric saw prosperity of Garha kingdom, a desire to become king started popping up in his mind. The Aghori wanted to kill the king and declare himself the king. The king Sangram Shah came to know this conspiracy. When the king went to Bajnamath for Tantric practice, he had hidden a weapon with him. The Aghori and the King Sangram Shah started performing the Tantric practice together. At the end of Tantric Practice, the Aghori Tantric wanted to sacrifice the king but the King killed the Tantric and sacrificed him. The king had received the power of the Aghori Tantric after sacrificing his life to lord Kaal Bhairava.

There is an isle in the middle of the Sangram Sagar lake where ruins of AAM-KHAAS building are available. The king used to resolve the public issues here by organizing court and other serious matters had to discuss by organizing meetings in this building. The Mughal emperor Akbar built Deewan-e-aam and Deewan-e-khaas after inspiring from this system.

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