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History of Lanji Garha.

Lanjigarh could be considered the origination of the Maravi Dynasty of the Garha Kingdom. Lanji State was under the rule of the Kalchuri Kings. Lanjigarh fall under the Gond Rulers after the Kalchuri Rulers and they established their capital at Ratanpur. The area of the Lanjigarh state was expanded up to the present Jabalpur district. Yadavrai was a mighty warrior and thus he got a chance to give his services to Lanjigarh State. Yadavrai was deployed at the Garha area where he got sufficient opportunities to learn state-craft skills. The time passed and Yadavrai became skilled in state-crafts. The king was impressed by the qualities of Yadavrai. The king married his daughter with Yadavrai and gifted the Garha area. Yadavrai appointed Surve Pathak as a minister and founded capital at Garha. This is how the King Yadavrai founded the Garha state and his dynasty originated.

There are other legends about the foundation of Garha State by the King Yadavrai. One of those legends tell about the marriage of Yadavrai with the daughter of Nagvanshi king Dhanu Shah/Priest Dhanu and inherited the kingdom and another one is regarding a dream in which Goddess Narmada tells him during the Amarkantak Teerth Yatra about founding the Garha kingdom with the help of Surve Pathak.

There is a ruin of large fort in Lanji. It is enclosed to the main city and expanded in nearly 16 acres of land. The fort was protected by digging gulf or pond surrounded to it. The Kalchuris, Yadav, Rajpoot and Gond Kings ruled this state. A splendid temple of Goddess Mahamaya is located inside the fort campus. Bricks and stones were used to build this fort. Some walls of this fort contain idols of God and Goddess engraved at stones. There is a very old tree of pterospermum acerifolium inside the fort campus.

How to reach Lanji Garh.

Lanji is a Tahsil of Balaghat district. It is located near Madhyapradesh-Chhattisgarh state boundaries and about 61 Kilometer far from Balaghat district head quarter. Lanji Tahsil is connected to Chhattisgarh through Lanji-Khairagarh road and Maharashtra through Lanji-Sogalpur-Amgaon road.