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History of Mandla Garha.

King Keshari Shah of Ramnagar was assasinated in a conspiracy by Hari Singh of his own dynasty. But, Hari Singh couldn’t become the king. A battle was fought against Hari Singh according to the order issued by the minister of late king Keshari Shah. Hari Singh got killed in this battle. Pahad Singh, the son of Hari Singh continued his efforts to get the crown. Narendra Shah was 7 years old when the King Keshari Shah died. Minister Ramkishan Bajpai sent Gangadhar Bajpai to the Royal Court of Mughal Badshah Aurangzeb to get the accreditation letter and crown the prince Narendra Shah. After the essential formalities the prince Narendra Shah was declared as the king of Garha Kingdom. Dhamoni, Hata, Shah Garh, Garhakota and Madiyado of Dewas district were given to the Badshah Aurangzeb for this agreement.

There were many attacks and revolutions in the states during the reign of the king Narendra Shah. The Ramnagar fort was not safe as no safety walls were made. The bank of Narmada River was securing the fort from just one side. This fort was not built upon any hilltop like other forts and was on a flat earthen surface. Due to all these concerns, the capital was shifted from Ramnagar to Mandla by the king Narendra Shah. Mandla fort was built at confluence of the Narmada and Banjar River which provide safety from 3 sides and a gulf was dug at the South of this fort. The river stream divided through the gulf which made the fort fully secure. Mandla fort was built by the King Narendra Shah around 1698 CE.

After the death of Pahad Singh, his two sons united with Mughal Sultanate and adopted Islam. Their names were Abdul Rahman and Abdul Haji. They got Mughal Army and invaded the Garha Mandla kingdom. The king Narendra Shah had to seek help from Bakht Buland Shah and King Chhatrasal Bundela to get the invasion failed. Bakht Buland Shah defeated Abdul Rahman and Abdul Haji before the military help came from the King Chhatrasal. Abdul Rahman and Abdul Haji, both were killed in this war. Three districts to Bakht Buland Shah and 5 districts to the King Chhatrasal Bundela were given in return of this military help.

King Narhari Shah was the last Gond king of Mandla. The Garha Mandla kingdom became subject to the Maratha rulers after the end the Gond Empire by 1781 CE. Shankar Shah and his son Raghunath were born in the Mandla fort too. On 24 March 1818, the British government seized the Mandla fort from the Maratha rulers and remained till the freedom of India (1947 CE).

How to reach Mandla Fort.

Mandla fort is located 1 Kilometer South from the district head quarter. The ruins are the only things available at present. The Raj-Rajeshwari temple of Durga Devi with 18 arms is still available inside the fort campus which was built by the king Narendra Shah.