Welcome To Raj-Rajeshwari Temple

A fort was built close to the confluence of Narmada and Banjar rivers, by the King Narendra Shah. Around 1698 AD, the capital was shifted from Ramnagar to Mandla fort. Three sides of this site is surrounded by the Narmada river which provided natural security to the fort. A deep ditch was made in the North of the fort and stream of Narmada river was flown through to make secure its all sides. The Raj-Rajeshwari Temple is built by the King Narendra Shah inside the fort campus. An idol of Hindu deity Durga Devi with 18 arms is established in this temple which is known as Raj-Rajeshwari Devi. The devotees visit the Raj-Rajeshwari Devi temple for the blessings before beginning any auspicious work.