Welcome To Gadpahra

History of Gadpahra Fort

It was one of the 52 Garhas of the Emperor Sangram Shah. Dangi Rajpoots seized this district after death of the Emperor. But this Gadpahra district was again conjoined to Garha Kingdom prior the reign of the 57th ruler King Narendra Shah. Abdul Rahman and Abdul Hazi, son of Pahadsingh of same dynasty invaded Garha Mandla with the help of Royal Army and tried seizing the throne. The young King Narendra Shah asked for help from King Chhatrsal Bundela of Orchha and Bakht Buland Shah to defeat the enemies. Bakht Buland Shah killed Abdul Rahman, Abdul Hazi and Azim Khan in the battle of Gangai before the armed force of the King Chhatrasal Orchha reached. Gadpahra, Hata, Rahli, Khimlasa and Damoh Forts were given to Chhatrasal and Bakht Buland Shah received Chourai, Dongartal and Ghunsar/Ghansor Forts in return of the help.

Gadpahra Fort is situated on a hilltop nearby the National Highway-26 in Saugar District. A very famous Hanuman Temple is built in the entry gate of the fort. After walking little distance inside the fort campus, a fabulous Sheeshmahal is located. This Sheeshmahal palace is designed like a temple. The main fort of Gadpahra divided in 2 parts. Both the parts contain many rooms which are built with stone cross girders on roof top. The stones used in this palace are engraved. The ruins are available of the splendid palace at present. The fort campus and the view of the surroundings are eye-catching from the rooftop of the palace.

It is said that a female Acrobat died during an accident while performing a stunt from this fort. A monument was built to the place where the Acrobat died after falling from the rope. This monument is still available near the National Highway. People say, the spirit of male and female Acrobat still haunts in this palace.

How to Reach Gadpahra Fort

The Gadpahra Fort is nearly 10 Kilometers from Saugar District Headquarter on Saugar-Jhansi road. This fort is built on a hilltop and Gadpahra is called “Old Saugar”. This road also leads to Dhamoni.