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Our History

The Garha Kingdom was founded by king yadavarai. King Madan Singh (34th king), one of his successor built Madan Mahal fort located in Garha. King Madan Singh started governing the state in around 1116 CE. This fort was inherited by the King Sangram Shah. This fort has been built on a rock. Therefore, there is no tunnel or underground passage inside the fort. The rocky mountain and the forest make it easy to fight the invaders. The Gonds and local tribes were expert in Gorilla war. The huge rocks would have very helpful in attacking the enemies.

There are ruins of a fort nearby in the West of Madan Mahal Fort. Perhaps, this ruined fort was used to keep the army and artilleries. There is a water tank built inside the fort. It seems this water tank was used for a bath. The building is built with stones and bricks.