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Our History

The Gadpahra Fort is nearly 10 Kilometers from Saugar District Headquarter on Saugar-Jhansi road. This fort is built on a hilltop and Gadpahra is called “Old Saugar”. This road also leads to Dhamoni.

The Garhakota Fort of Saugar district is one of 52 Garhas of Emperor Sangram Shah. Emperor Dalpat Shah, successor of Sangram Shah did many development works for Garha Kingdom. He ruled for about 18 years. Prince Virnarayan was crowned after sudden death of the Emperor and Empress Durgavati started ruling the kingdom. The Empress sacrificed her life by protecting her Kingdom from the attacks of the Mughal sultanate. King Chandra Shah, the younger brother of late Emperor Dalpati Shah was declared the King of Garha Kingdom by the Mughal Sultanate. The major part of the fertile land was given to Emperor Akbar to get the crown. This is how Garhakota and other districts separated from Gondwana Kingdom.

The fort of Garhakota is situated near Sunar River which was built by the King Mardansingh. The Rajput King Mardansingh ruled Garhkota during the Maratha reign around 1804 CE. Govind Rao Trimbak and Maalji Ahirrao invaded Garhakota. King Mardansingh died in this battle. The Garhakota fort was demolished during the rebel of 1857-58. But the beautiful architecture of Chandni and walls are telling the story of its glorious past. The entry gate of this fort is built using the stones which seems to be too old construction. Bricks are used for building the inner parts of the fort and it looks like recent architecture.

How to reach Garhakota Fort.

The Garhakota fort is located about 55 Kilometer far from the Saugar district headquarter and on the M.P. State Highway-14. Another route connects Saugar District to Garhakota via Rahli Tahsil and this route is about 60 Kilometers long.