Welcome To Rahatgarh

Our History

Rahatgarh is located in Sagar district. The splendid Rahatgarh fort is built at a hill nearby Bina River. The Chandel and the Parmar rulers had ruled this place prior to Maharaja Sangram Shah. King Chandrashah, the successor of late queen Durgavati and Veernarayan, had to present 10 Garh to Mughal King Akbar in order to get the crown. Rahatgarh was one of those 10 Garha.

The design of the Rahatgarh fort is very special due to its security reasons. The gates are constructed like safety check post. One has to pass through many gates to enter in the fort. The ruins of security posts are seen on the outer boundary wall. The hill is high, and the specific structure of the fort allows aiming the invaders from a far distance. The fort is surrounded by thick high boundary walls where security posts are built. The south part of the fort is associated to the dreadful gulf. It seems impossible to enter this fort by climbing this gulf. It was extremely difficult to seize the Rahatgarh fort.

There are many beautiful buildings and monuments inside the fort campus. Some are made of bricks. Most of the buildings are built with stone. A pond is also available which is made by cutting and digging the huge rocks. Stairs were also made to get down to the water.